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Double Glazing Specialists in Canberra

Style . Value . Comfort . Energy Saving . Noise Reduction

Getting the Best out of your new home!

So you are going to build a new home! First thing to do is select where to build, then you need to start on your design. With today's design requirements this can limit your choices of appearance or aspect of your new home. This is where ACT Double Glazed comes into its own! Nowadays a lot of designs fail due to the windows and doors selected, then you have to compromise on design of what you wanted, just because the windows and doors selected or you were told that you have to use. uPVC Double Glazed windows and doors are so well made and their energy rating is amongst the best on the market, using our windows and doors will in most cases help to keep your design the way you would like it, without compromising on looks, energy efficiency or security. You also get the added bonuses knowing that the windows and doors add to noise transfer reduction both in and out of the home as well as being fire retardant.

At ACT Double Glazed we can help with:

  • Getting your designs right for energy efficiency and the Canberra climate.
  • Recommending the right building practices to add even more energy efficiency to your home during construction.
  • Recommending the right windows and doors to use and how to maximize airflow and security.
  • Giving your builder the right information, help and support, to install your new uPVC double glazed windows and doors perfectly.

Call ACT Double Glazed today for a free quote: 02 6296 6267