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Double Glazing Specialists in Canberra

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Frequently Asked Questions

At ACT Double Glazed we decided to start up this FAQ's page as a resource to help our clients make an educated decision on what products and ranges may suit them best. Whether it be for cost alone, energy efficiency, house upgrade, new house etc. We will endeavor to put up questions that have come about from us visiting clients and what they have asked and as well as what we have seen out in the field that we believe everyone should know about. We will answer the questions with our knowledge of the industry and submit relevant information as well as photo's. We welcome any questions from the community and will put it up on this page (email to - [email protected]). Please note that this is not to push our products or business but we are passionate about double glazing and our industry, this is just for an extra source of information.

"What does U value mean?"

U-value is the measure of the heat gain/loss through the glass of your windows. Essentially a measure of your home’s energy efficiency. The higher the U-value the lesser the thermal performance of the unit will be, costing you more on your energy bills. The lower the U-value the better the insulation you will have, meaning the window has a greater resistance to the heat gain/loss, therefore saving you money on your heating and cooling.

Single Glazed standard window (4mm)

Double Glazed Standard Aluminium window

Double Glazed uPVC window (4mm-12arg-4mm)

U-value: 6.5

U-value: 4.5

U-value: 2.4

Standard 4mm glass offers very little resistance, Double glazing reduces heat loss by up to 56%to heat loss

U-value 6.5

U-value 2.4

"How to choose the right Supplier for me"

- It is important to find the right business for you, so that you can feel at ease and rest assured that the substantial investment you are outlaying is in capable hands.

- Meet with several businesses, check what the warranty they offer is not only on the product itself but about the installation and service. A lot of businesses do not follow through on their service calls once windows have been installed.

- Ask around as word of mouth is a powerful source, check reviews on the internet - Google is a very reliable source as the reviews are put up by customers and can not be taken down if businesses don't like them, unlike social media sites such as Facebook etc where the sites are controlled and manipulated by the businesses.

- Make sure you get at least 2 quotes, match apples with apples. If you do not understand the quote fully then ask your supplier to explain it. Make an educated decision not just on the cost, we have had many calls from distressed customers who have ultimately chosen the cheapest quote and then have needed repair work with the business not coming back to fix the issues.

- Does your supplier just supply or do they offer installation as well? Is their installation team qualified to install your windows/doors? What is their qualifications. A lot of manufacturers will not warrant their products if they are not installed by a qualified trades person.